Get Bags of Art Supplies

We are happy to give bags to any mission or service team - because of our blessings we want to bless children around the world by giving them a chance to use art supplies. Each bag contains enough for 50 children to complete 4 projects!

If you are in the Denver area you can pick up bags of art supplies during any of our open hours. If you just need a few bags you can stop in anytime. If you need more than 10 bags we do ask that you contact us at least 2 weeks before your trip to ensure we can fill your order.

If you live anywhere in the U.S. and would like to receive bags of art supplies, we are happy to ship them to you. We just ask for at least 2 weeks notice before your trip to ensure we can get the bags to you in time.

Donations are accepted but not expected when you take bags. We are a nonprofit, so all donations are tax-deductible. A $35 donation covers the cost of one bag of art supplies.
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Each bag contains:

  • Project instructions
  • 50 sheets of blue construction paper
  • 50 sheets of white construction paper
  • 50 folded paper dolls
  • A bundle of paper strips
  • 1 box of 64 count crayons
  • 1 box of Bold Markers
  • 1 box of Fine Markers
  • 3 bottles of Glue
  • 10 pairs of Safety Scissors
  • 1 Notepad
  • 1 Pencil Sharpener
  • 3 Pencils
  • 1 Roll of Tape
  • 1 Bottle of Glitter
  • 1 Bag of Multi-colored Sequins
  • 1 Bag of Cotton Balls